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Shane Doevy Wind Ons

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Update - 30 Jan 2014

Posted on January 30, 2014 at 4:56 AM
Been a while since I posted some info up here so thought i better get organised and get some info onto my site.

I can now offer any of my leaders with a snap clip.  My stock lines will be the 45 and 55 lb mono leaders with clip but any of the leaders can be fitted with clips on demand.  Im fitting 80 lb Shogun coast lock snap clips to my leaders.  These clips are light enough to allow even the lightest of lures both hard bodies and rubbers to swim correctly, however they are tough enough to take the treatment that a big barra will hand out.  Simply message me to arrange to have the clips fitted to any of my leaders you wish to order.  They save you the hassle of tying knots and allow you to quickly change lures without cutting the leader back - obviously I recommend you keep an eye on the leader and re tie it should the leader become frayed when you do snag that good fish.  The clips are tied using a perfection loop to allow your lures to swim free and work to their hearts content.

I also have bumper stickers in stock now so I am supplying all orders of 10 leaders with a free bumper sticker till i decide to start to charge for them so jump on board and get your leaders now for the upcoming barra season - with all this rain around in the Top End and a cyclone coming ashore in QLD it is shaping up to be a bumper year all round.

Don't forget to email me your fishing pics to [email protected] with a short story on your capture - Ill post it up here and on my FB page and will give you a discount on your next order.

Tight lines


Categories: Fishing, Wind Ons

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